The Christmas He Loved Her  - Juliana Stone

Read With Me: The Christmas He Loved Her


Bad Boys of Crystal Lake book 2 by Juliana Stone


Jake Edwards, Raine Edwards


Mackenzie “Mac” Draper, Gibson the puppy, Marnie Edwards, Steven Edwards, Lily St. Clare, Gloria (Riane’s Mom) 


0%: It’s been a while since I read The Summer He Came Home and my memory is very short so I hope I can pick this up fairly easily. 


4% I hope Ms Stone has a good strong woman lined up for Mac. She HAS to be strong because I don’t think loving him will be easy but it will be worth it.


11%: Not even four chapters in and I’m crying. Raine is really going through the emotional wringer here and with no one but puppy Gibson by her side. Poor girl.


15%: Gone were the days when she could wrap Jake into her arms, kiss his boo-boo, and make it all better. If only life were that simple. If only childhood remedies worked on adults. If only.


32%: Ha! He served her Cold Duck!


43%: Raine might need to see a doctor for some anti anxiety meds. Poor thing is losing it in this crowd.


48%: Yes Jake, please expose your secrets. We need to know!


51%: I wonder if Lily is who Ms Stone has lined up for Mac. I’m not sure how I’d feel about that cause I’m not liking her so far. But, then again we haven’t gotten to know her hardly at all.


53%: Haha! They are snowed, well iced, in together. No more running!


58%: Hehehe she said “turgid nipple” haha (yes, I am immature)


70%: She said the word “toque” and I actually know what it means! Seriously that word has a story that’s best left for another time but I’m always so proud when I recognize it correctly now.


71%: I know Raine is grieving and all but she just basically took over a house on Jake’s property without so much as a how do you do. I mean squatter much?


78%: Gibson you rascal!?! Taking Jake’s boxers to the pastor was not nice. Funny, but not nice. Lol


98%: I want to get out some final thoughts before I read the epilogue.

-First of all the baby, WOW! I thought like Jake that the in vitro didn’t stick.

-Raine as a character bothers me. She is presented kinda like she can’t be whole unless she has a man in her life. I’m kinda disappointed that she couldn’t find the will to be strong with our Jake or Jesse in her life. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad she has found love and that it has helped her heal but it rubs me the wrong way a bit that she couldn’t find value in herself on her own.

-Gibson provided some much needed comic relief in this story. It was so sad and intense that it needed some breaks.


99%: Yay for Cain and Maggie!!!!!! I hope Raine and Jake follow soon.


Overall this was a story I thoroughly enjoyed. 3.5 Stars