Some Like It Hot - Susan Andersen


Razor Bay Book 2 by Susan Andersen


Max Bradshaw, Harper Summerville


I’ve loved Susan Andersen’s books since I first discovered them. I’ve been slowly but surely going though her back list but am always excited for a new release too. I really enjoyed Book 1 That Thing Called Love and I’m glad to be back “in” Razor Bay.


0%: I started reading this in the wee hours of the morning after finishing another book. I don’t quite remember Harper but I hope to get reacquainted quickly.


3%: I don’t remember Jake and Max being half brothers.


11%: Sheesh! The mouths on these kids!


21%: All my life I thought it was Fruit Loops not Froot Loops. *shrug* You learn something new every day.


34%: I’m not sure I’m buying this fedora thing as sexy.


40%: I didn’t know you could take away bases in baseball.


41%: LOL! Mr “Is this kiddy hour?” Is now all “we’re in the middle of a book here” BOOK POWER!!


58%: I just giggled like a school girl at the kiss Max just planted on Harper in front of everyone. Happy Birthday indeed.


62%: The usage of slang by the characters is not at all natural. It’s also very dated. Seriously, who says “duds”? Also I kinda wish Max and Harper would stop jawing and get to it already.


63%: Well if the dirty talk doesn’t work for her it works for me! *remember Max isn’t real* Damn!


73% So I’m thinking Mama Summerville has done something with the money for Cedar Village or maybe its something less nefarious and the foundation is just out of cash, either way ish is gonna hit the fan.


82%: we all know Luke won’t be some random, forgettable guy. Tasha say hello to your man!


82% again: see! I knew Luke wasn’t just anybody. I wasn’t expecting another Bradshaw though.


94%: “Dictatorial” is a hard word to say, even in my mind.


100%: The ending was lovey dovey and borderline cheesy, but I’m glad they seem to have worked their issues out. I was really expecting more of a bang with Harper’s mother but I guess I’ve been reading too much drama lately. Harper and Max proved to have a solid and entertaining story and they will surely live happily ever after.


** Oh and I’m really looking forward to learning about Tasha Luc’s little secret.