Reluctant Royals, Book 2

I Picked Up This Book Because: I’ve been wanting to read this series for a while and finally just jumped in. Didn’t realize I was starting with book 2 though #doh

The Characters:

Portia Hobbs:
Tavish McKenzie:

The Story:

I have to say it first thing, this was a great story ruined by a terrible narrator for me. I’m not saying the narrator didn’t do what she could to the best of her ability but her Scottish accent was Jamacian. It was really distracting throughout the story as there were quite few different accents in this multicultural cast and she just couldn’t do them all. That said the story is definitely the only thing that kept me listening and if I would have been able to get my hands on a print copy quickly I would have ditched the audiobook. Okay now that I’ve let off that steam let's talk about this story.

Portia comes into Tavish’s life as his apprentice, hired by his brother to not only learn to make swords but to boost the armory’s business through social media and other outputs. There is an instant attraction between Portia and Tavish and who could blame Portia. I mean a Scottish hottie with hard earned muscles that knows how to expertly wield and hone an ancient weapon? I’m in love too. Portia resists because she is trying to turn over a new leaf, Tavish resists because it’s professional however neither is able to resist for long. During Portia’s tenure at the armory it is discovered that Tavish’s absent father is actually a Duke and Tavish must decide first if he wants to take up the mantle and then learn to navigate this new world of hidden hostility and scheming.

This story was in part fun, sexy, emotional, and somewhat addictive.

The Random Thoughts:


4 Stars