Cloak & Silence - Sherrilyn Kenyon

The League: Nemesis Rising , Book 5.5

I Picked Up This Book Because: #Barbsbookopoly roll 2. “A book set in space”

The Characters:

Maris Sulle:
Ture Xans:

The Story:

I’m ashamed to say I didn’t retain much about this book. Ture (I think) was kidnapped with Nikerian’s mate (maybe) and Maris was involved in the rescue. They take a liking to each other. There is a lot of painful past and Maris has a current price on his head that causes a problem. This wasn’t a bad book. I just think I wasn’t in the headspace for it. I also think I should have read the book as the narrator's super soothing (and not distinct between characters) voice had me zoning out but I felt no need to go back on minutes missed.

This is a series I absolutely loved in the beginning and it pains me that I’ve grown apart from it. The library has the next book. Maybe I’ll give it a try soon to see if I’ve completely lost that loving feeling. Overall I was just kind of underwhelmed.

The Random Thoughts:

3 Stars