Get A Life, Chloe Brown - Talia Hibbert
The Brown Sisters, Book 1

I Picked Up This Book Because: I liked the cover

The Characters:

Chloe Brown: I loved Chloe so much! She is so delightfully weird
Redford “Red” Morgan: The way this man loves, understands and needs Chloe is everything. I will be single until I meet my Red.
Dani Brown, Eve Brown, Gigi, Annie, Vik (I would have liked to see more Vik)

The Story:

I’ve been crap at writing reviews lately and I love this book so much I want to give it the ode it deserves but I just don’t have the words or motivation (I blame motivation on Covid) I’ll just say that Chloe and Red have worked their way into my top 10 couples… maybe even top 5.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


4.5 Stars