If I Never Met You - Mhairi McFarlane

I Picked Up This Book Because: Cute cover

The Characters:

Jamie Carter:

The Story:

Entertainment: This story was just okay for me. I found it predictable and I could barely understand the narrator at times which always kills the enjoyment of a book.
Characters: I didn’t like Laurie. She became one of those women at the end of a relationship that I can’t stand. Jealous, snoopy and intent on revenge. I get that people work through things differently but it just made me roll my eyes way too much.
Plot: Again it was fine but nothing fresh or new or even a fresh twist. Of course the fake relationship was going to turn real, of course they were going to stumble when they decided it was real, of course there would be resolution.
Writing Style/Voice: There is nothing to complain about here. Technically fine writing and good pacing.
Overall: I’m left a bit underwhelmed. I know I’m in the minority of thinking this was not the next great love story but it was a pleasant enough way to spend time.

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3 Stars