Tweet Cute - Alice Emma Sauerwein Lord


I Picked Up This Book Because: Seemed like a good idea at the time.

The Characters:

Pepper Evans:
Jack Campbell:
Paige Evans, Ethan Campbell, Pooja, Paul

The Story:

So imagine You’ve Got Mail but with teenagers and restaurants instead of bookstores. Oh and they “go to the mattresses” via Twitter. I have to say I was waiting for the story to divert from the YGM format and it did but it didn’t. Fortunately I love that movie so I didn’t mind much but my inability to stop comparing them annoys me. I’m going to try to talk about this without comparison, we’ll see how it goes.

I love Jack and Pepper. Their flirty “fighting” is cute from the get go even before they discovered they were Twitter enemies. Both Jack and Pepper go through a ton with each other but also at home. Jack is constantly feeling inferior to his twin Ethan and Pepper is trying to navigate the rocky relationship between her sister and her mom. And speaking of Mrs. Evans what a bully. Even after she explains why her actions are still inexcusable but I digress. The story line is multifaceted and my random summarization probably makes little sense. I’ll just say I liked it.

The Random Thoughts:

Can I just say I hate the name Girl Cheesing. It’s so awkward to say/read.

The Score Card:


4 Stars