Heaven - Angela Johnson, John Jude Palencar

Heaven, Book 1

I Picked Up This Book Because: Picked up from the library for a Black History Month Readathon.

The Characters:

Moms, Pops, Butchy, Uncle Jack

The Story:

I didn’t understand what was going on in this book, so much so that I skipped from page 86 to the last chapter in the book. It’s full of I guess poetic prose but to me it’s full of half thoughts and half stories. I prefer my writing more straight forward.

From what I gather, Marly is a young lady living in the town of Heaven. Through a happenstance she finds out her world isn’t really what she thought it was. (view spoiler) Marley understandably has a lot of emotions about this. In the end she seems to come to peace with her past and is looking forward to the future.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


2.5 Stars