Rich People Problems: A Novel - Kevin Kwan

Crazy Rich Asians, Book 3

I Picked Up This Book Because: Continue the series

The Characters:

Again the cast of this book is legion, just like the last two. We do spend time with Rachel and Nick, Astrid, Michael and Colin, Charlie Wu, Kitty, Oliver and we don’t talk to her but Colette also.

The Story:

There is never any good way for me to sum up these books. Too much happens. So here’s a random list of impressions I’m left with. I’m so happy for Nick and Rachel. I’m glad Rachel told off her mother in law, the chick is too pushy. I cried at Su Yi’s funeral. It was a beautiful and emotional scene. Michael is the worst and Isabella isn’t far above him on the list. They did not have to treat Charlie and Astrid that way. However, I am glad that the situation they were put in allowed Astrid to find her freedom and lead to a happier life for herself. (view spoiler) I was somewhat shocked by Colette. I don’t remember much of her from China Rich Girlfriend but I know I don’t like her. I think Kitty’s obsession with her is beyond unhealthy and she needs help. Also when a kid can tell you in a full sentence that he is hungry breastfeeding time is over but I’m nobody’s parent so….

Overall I truly enjoyed this book. There were so many revelations. I do hope Mr Kwan writes another installment.

The Random Thoughts:

Favorite Quote ”Is it going to be like Modern Family?”
“No, more like Game of Thones Red Wedding scene.”

The Score Card:


4 Stars