So Close to Being the Sh*t, Y'all Don't Even Know - Retta


I Picked Up This Book Because: Curious

If our backgrounds had been more similar I would be sure Retta and I are related. Her love for TV reminds me of 80% of my conversations with my cousin. What I wouldn’t give to have her sit in on a break down of Vampire Diaries or Grey’s Anatomy with us. And the time she spent talking about Hamilton, I agreed with every word! I sadly haven’t met Lin-Manuel, Daveed, Oke or Leslie nor seen the show multiple times so I’m hella jealous. And should I even bother to talk about the lazy club??? HA!

I enjoyed this book thoroughly. I’ve already recommended to my like minded bookish real life friends. And this babbling review can serve as a recommendation to my virtual bookish friends. Read it! Or better yet listen to the audiobook. It was great.

The Random Thoughts:

SN: I’ve always wanted to go to a pro hockey game. Now I know I need to sit on the glass. ;-)

The Score Card:


4 Stars