Too Late - Colleen Hoover

I Picked Up This Book Because:

The Characters: I’m not quite sure how I ended up on Wattpad but there I was and there was the story so…..

Asa Jackson: It’s a shame that he is by all counts the villain in this story but he is also the only one who’s last name I remember
Dalton/Ryan, Jon

The Story:

I don’t even know where to begin on this one. This was so crazy and addicting. We have Asa, campus drug slinger, abused child, super smart, abusive boyfriend. Then we have Sloan, neglected child, defacto mother for disabled brother, stuck in a relationship so her brother can be taken care of. Enter Carter aka Luke, undercover officer sent in with his partner Dalton./Ryan to collect evidence against Asa, the yin to Sloan’s yang.

All I can tell you is read it. You won’t believe the things that happen. They will shock and awe you and then maybe make you cry. The drama is over the top and I like it that way.

The Random Thoughts:

Early prediction (view spoiler)

65% Prediction Change (view spoiler)

Oh and I was totally right about these... well mostly.... like 78%

The Score Card:


3.75 Stars