Improper English - Katie MacAlister
I Picked Up This Book Because: Random selection from my never ending TBR list, meant to read at night instead of the uber creepy book I was also reading.

The Characters:

Alexandria “Alix” Freemar: American in London to get a jump start on restarting her life as an author
Alexander “Alex” Black: Detective Inspector “so many nicknames” of the Scotland Yard. He has the patience of a saint and I need to find a man just like him.
Isabella, Karl, Daniel, Ray, Bert and other assorted neighbors and friends

The Story:

Alix is a study in living with all your emotions up front and ready to view. It’s rather endearing to me and Alex obviously finds this attractive. It never ceased to amuse me when their friends recognized the way Alix could pull out Alex’s emotions thus proving to be great partner for him. This book overall was fun with a small side of heartbreak. Katie has a way of writing stories that I look back on with joy.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


3 Stars