The Trouble with Twelfth Grave - Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson, Book 12

I Picked Up This Book Because: Have you ever read a Charley book you didn’t like? Me either

The Characters:

Charley Davidson:

The Story:

I’m not going to lie the ending of this book has me traumatized and I find it wholly unfair that I have to wait a year for the next installment. An entire 12 months! I can’t even.

Something I also forget is these stories take place relatively close together. Even though I’ve been enjoying Charley’s whit and wisdom for years the storyline has only covered a fraction of that time. Beep is still just a teeny tiny whoopit. (That’s an infant for those not in the know.) I really wish Charley got to spend more time with her. I would love to see her and Reyes tackle being more hands on as parents.

But back to this story. Charley is as usual busy with several cases at once. Trying to clear her friend Peri and find the real murderer, a string of supernatural deaths oh and let us not forget the god who escaped from the god glass in her husband body and his quest to find… we don’t know what. (I mean we find out but you have to read that on your own) Charley handles life in a sleep deprived whirlwind of grace and sleep deprived Charley charm. I really have no bad words to say about this story, okay there were quite a few bad words at 93% and some more after that but they were good bad words.

Writing: I devoured these words like Charley devours gods.
Overall Interest: Loved every second.
Length of Reading Time: As usual in my life I had feast or famine days for reading.
Re-read-ability: The more I read and think about this series the more I want to do an epic re-read.. well re-listen, I really love Lorelei King’s interpretation of Charley.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


4.5 Stars