Yours - Jasinda Wilder

I Picked Up This Book Because: The author sent an email and the blurb sounded really good. (It was not wrong)

The Characters:

Lachlan “Lock” Montgomery:
Niall James:

The Story:

This story was lovely, heartbreaking, action packed, sexy and everything in between.

Writing: So good. It’s very easy to be snatched out of reality while reading this book.
Forward Motion: There was a bit of a lull for me while Lock and Niall both wrestle with their indecision. I personally am an overthinker and it bugs me when characters do it. Otherwise the pages fly by.
Overall Interest: I was total enraptured. 50 or 60 pages could fly by for me in the wink of an eye.
Length of Reading Time: I unfortunately had feast or famine days while reading this due to life. But overall I would say it fine
Re-read-ability: I don’t think I would reread this book. It sits close to my heart as is.

The Random Thoughts:

“Sometimes I think you need a little pain to remind you of the good things in life.”

The Score Card:


4 Stars