My Life, My Love, My Legacy - Coretta Scott King, Barbara Reynolds, January LaVoy, Phylicia Rashad, Macmillan Audio
I Picked Up This Book Because: Curiosity. Because of who her husband was, who her family was had to make her life different.

The story of Coretta Scott King’s life from a small girl in nowhere U.S.A to the wife of one of the most significant civil rights leaders in the world. It is told in depth and unabashedly.

The audiobook has two narrators, the only reason I can think as to why is to show some significance from before and after Martin’s death. The first narrator I found charismatic and easy to listen to. The second narrator was not bad but her tone of voice made me want to go to sleep. Also her material got old quick. There was a lot of blame game happening and while I know being blocked and knocked down at every turn is a major part of the struggle I felt like it got to be too much of he did she did.

Overall I found the book thought provoking. I don’t think I could have done it if I were in Mrs King’s shoes. The constant worry for you husband’s life, the life and well being of your children. Then raising four children alone. She was such a strong woman.

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2.5 Stars