The Steel Kiss (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel) - Jeffery Deaver
<u><b><i>Lincoln Rhyme, Book 12</i></b></u>


<b><i>I Picked Up This Book Because:</i></b> 1) NOOK had this as their free serial read for March and I’ve always wanted to participate. B) I needed a book that counted a “a bestseller from genre I don’t usually read” and “a book with multiple perspectives” for my “PopSugar Ultimate Books” Challenge and “2017 Book Bingo”

<b><i>The Characters:</i></b>


<b>Amelia Sachs</b> Former model come NYPD detective.

<b>Lincoln Rhyme:</b> Criminologist extraordinaire and all around braniac.


<b><i>The Story:</i></b>


I’m a little said I didn’t get in on the first floor of this series. It’s great. The writing is captivating. Nothing was predictable. The characters were interesting and multifaceted. I really have no complaints about it at all. I can’t begin to summarize. The story had so many layers, so many connections and twist I won’t do it justice at all.


I’ll leave it at I enjoyed every single bit and I’m definitely willing to read more of this series.


<b><i>The Random Thoughts:</i></b>


I couldn’t stand the wait after chapter 53 and ended up borrowing the book from my library’s digital service at 11 p.m. so I could finish.


<b><i>The Score Card:</i></b>


<img src="" width="400" height="100" alt="description"/>

<b> 4 Stars</b>