Yes, My Accent Is Real - Kunal Nayyar, Kunal Nayyar

I Picked Up This Book Because: Celebrity books have been my not so guilty pleasure for the past few months. Even though I don’t watch his show his book was highly recommended by a friend.

I loved this book. Going in I didn’t know Kunal from Adam but I’m so glad I got to know him a little bit. His stories are so intriguing. From growing up in India to moving to the states, from adjusting to school in America to starting his acting career, from his friendship with Zico to his marriage I was engrossed in every minute. The story with his dad, brother and the mouse was so close to being my favorite until he talked about meeting his wife (and forgive me I’ve forgotten her name). The mouse story was just plain hilarious but the way Kunal speaks about his wife takes my breath away. I’m in awe of his depth of feeling for her and his ability to express it in words.

I honestly hope as his life and career progress he chooses to write another book and share those next chapters with the world.

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4.5 Stars