Bossy Request - Lacey Silks
Reality in Each Fantasy, Book 1 I Picked Up This Book Because: Wanted a quick read for my down time at work. The Characters: Sharon: Frank: The Story: I think this book could have benefited from being a page or two longer (reported as being 22 pages there are only 13 pages of story). I get that the tension was supposed to be a buildup 5 years in the making but it still seemed rushed. The characters timelines didn’t really make any sense. He was a super mature 30 year old and she’s been working for him since she was 20? Or at least that is what I was lead to believe. One spilled coffee takes him from “hands off” to I just want to touch you and the job be damned? I just couldn’t fall for it. The Random Thoughts: The fact that I forgot I was reading this speaks volumes to my enjoyment level. The Score Card: description 2 Stars