A Life in Parts - Bryan Cranston, Bryan Cranston
I Picked Up This Book Because: I saw Bryan on The Tonight Show talking about the book. Some of the stories seemed rather funny so I thought I should listen to it.

The Story:

I was right. Bryan is quite amusing. His deep voiced deadpan delivery makes you have to listen to catch the jokes but they are there. Books like this allow me to take my people watching to the next level. I learned a ton about his life. Bryan talked about growing up, his first sexual experience. Some very personal times with his parents and siblings. The beginning of his acting career and his time on Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad and his time preparing for Broadway.

It hasn’t been an easy life but I feel like you can really tell that Bryan is appreciative of both the ups and downs.

The Random Thoughts:

I’m off to find out where Breaking Bad is streaming now.

The Score Card:


4 Stars