Wild Cat (A Leopard Novel) - Christine Feehan
The Characters:

Elijah Lospostos
Siena Arnotto

The Story:

I tried. I tried so hard but when I thought about it I’ve been “reading” this book since September. It is now November and I am only 50% through the book. Now part of this is because I’m reading a library book and I had to wait a couple of weeks to get it back because it was on hold. However the bigger issue is that I’m constantly being bored by this book. The plot is a good one but it’s taking forever to get to the good stuff. Endless repetition, gratuitous sex scenes keep holding up progress. I want to know Elijah’s story but I just can not at this time. Maybe one day my library will have the audiobook and I’ll have the patience to listen to it but otherwise I am officially giving up. :-(

The Random Thoughts:

***DNF so no rating