The Glittering Court: The Glittering Court, Book 1 - Richelle Mead, Kristen Sieh, Listening Library

The Characters:

Adelaide Bailey
Cedric Thorn
Mirabelle “Mira”

The Story:

This is one of those books where you feel like you’ve read three different books all at once. Even Adelaide says it seems like a lifetime ago more than once. I think the best measure of how much I liked this story is the fact that I was sad I had it on CD and not MP3. I found myself just sitting in the car listening several times and wishing I could take it with me instead of having to leave it in the car.

The Random Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this story but part of me wishes I had waited until all three books were published before reading. I’m fearful I will forget many of the wonderful details to Adelaide's story.

4 Stars