Beautiful Darkness - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl

The Characters

Ethan, Lena, Link, Riddly, Marion, Liv, and a host of others. They go through a lot in this book. A lot a lot. Lena’s guilt, Ethan learns so much, Riddly and someone who will remain un-named go through huge transformations. The gang really goes through the ringer. In the end they are all different but okay, I think. I suppose time will tell.

The Story

Like I said about a lot happens in this book. I won’t even try to sum it all up. I’ll just say that I was interested, intrigued and surprised throughout my time in Gatlin. Things are very complicated and I think they will get more so in the near future. I think Ethan and Lena will handle it well as long as they stick together.

The Random Thoughts

This is difficult to write as the problem I have with audiobooks is that I’m often listening to them while driving so I can’t make notes or reread anything and I’m totally dependent on my terrible memory. :-(

I’m left with the impression that Riddly is still up to no good.

4 Stars