Play Date (Play Makers Book 3) - Kate Donovan

The Characters

Rachel Gillette: I wanted to like Rachel, I really did but I just could not get on board with some of her behavior. She was a great teacher and I think she was a good person but she came off as a very weak woman sometimes. Her melt down over Bam leaving? I wanted to shake her and yell at her to not be “that girl whose life falls apart because of a guy".
Vince “Bam Bammerman: Again I wanted to like Vince, but his bawdy humor and terrible pillow talk came off more douchebag then charmer to me. He came through for his friends and Rachel in the clutch and I respect that but I did not really like him. He was great with Rachel’s class and he would probably be a pretty good dad.
Sean Decker: I’m not sure what to think about Sean. He’s a good guy and he’s in love and ready to settle down but I don’t think we got a whole lot of his personality here. Or maybe I’m just not remembering a lot.
Kerrie Cosner: Kerrie is crazy. But she is also sweet and lovable and just such a free spirit. I really want things to go well for her.
Rachel’s Kindergarten Class: My favorite character(s) in the story. These precocious little people stole my heart from the first scene they were in.

The Story

Let me start with this was a LOT of story. A lot, a lot. First we have Rachel and Sean then Rachel and Bam then Sean and Kerrie, then the kindergarten class. Not to mention cameos from Sophie, Jake, Beth, Jason, Erica and Johnny. Honestly I think it was a bit too much. I think the Sean/Kerrie story might have played out better in a novella. On the Bam/Rachel storyline… their first meeting struck me as wrong wrong wrong. It was like he sexually assaulted her, but she seemed to enjoy it so… okay. You know they say there is someone for everyone and I supposed Bam is Rachel’s someone.

The Random Thoughts

You can read my "as I was reading" thoughts (and there were a lot of them) here. Read With Me: Play Date

2.5 Stars