Rock Courtship: A Rock Kiss Novella - Nalini Singh
David Rivera
Thea Arsana

The Characters

I was really excited to read Thea and David’s story before finding out much of anything about their backgrounds. After such intensely emotionally damaged characters such as Molly and Fox it was nice to calm it down a bit. Well, Thea’s baggage could hardly be called calm but David’s character and background leveled it out. It was also nice to get to know their family’s. Both come from strong loving family units and I think that is a wonderful thing to have in common. I would love to visit with the Rivera or Arsana family any day.

The Story

While in the beginning I was jumping up and down with joy to read this story that feeling quickly fades under the weight of Thea’s heartbreak from her previous relationship. I don’t want to minimize it because I know it makes up a large part of who she is when we meet her but it was very overpowering. For a while it was like that was all there was to her. I personally have a peeve with seeing too much of a character's inner monologue and agonizing over decisions. (Probably because I have enough of that going on in my own head). As for David’s part in the story, he worked very hard to prove himself to Thea and I’m glad he managed to come out on top. As far as the whole thing with the chickie at the end… very predictable. Still overall, I enjoyed the story.

The Random Thoughts

3 Stars