Dark Skye - Kresley Cole

Melanthe of the Deie Sorceri, Queen of Persuasion
Thronos Talos, Knight of Reckoning, Heir to the Skye

The Characters

I’m not sure what to say about Thronos and Lanthe. Thronos is strong, sure and natural leader and really deserves to be on someone’s Sexiest Virgin Heroes list. Lanthe is a firecracker and I would never want to be on her bad side. I think she’ll be an excellent queen, and mate to Thronos.

The Story

These two certainly had a lot to overcome but Kresley Cole made it happen. I had my doubts; I’m not going to lie, but somehow she made it all okay. Thronos and Lanthe traversed so many worlds and rebuilt their friendship then their romance in a way that was so amazing I can’t even describe it. There are lots of worlds, lots of action, LOTS of sexual tension and in the end a lot of smiles. (At least from me.)

Random Thoughts

I have the hardest time writing my thoughts about this series cause all I’m thinking in the end is OMG!!! THIS WAS SO GOOD!!! WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE???

Ms. Cole is another much admired author who can seamlessly thread together so many stories. My only regret is that my memory is sucky so I can’t keep them all separate in my mind. I just need to do an epic re-read, right?

Over all I give this 4.5 Stars. If you’d like to see my play by play thoughts see my Read With Me