It Happened One Autumn (Wallflower Series) - Lisa Kleypas

The Characters

I loved Lillian. She is so forthright and she will give Marcus all the challenge he needs from a woman. I knew he was in love with her from the start. Watching him fight himself about it was a joy.

It is good to see the rest of the Wallflowers and keep up with their stories. I love when an author intertwines stories so seamlessly.

The Story

This was very well written, and quite well preformed. Marcus and Lillian are both so stubborn that they could not possibly belong with anyone else. Marcus’ protective streak at the end had me wide eyed. It’s not a surprise that he would be so fierce in the face of someone he loves being taken from him, however his reaction still shocked me. Ms. Kleypas’ writing is so full of love and laughter that you can’t help but being sucked into the worlds she creates.

Random Thoughts

The epilogue left me floored. I can’t wait to read/listen to the next book to figure out what Evie has up her sleeve.

4 Stars