Taking It All - Maya Banks

Chessy Morgan, Tate Morgan

Jensen, Kylie, Joss, Dash

The Characters

Chessy and Tate were just okay to me as characters. I won't say I bonded with either of them but I felt for their situations. The friends seemed a bit overbearing in this book. I supposed they were supposed to come off as protective and maybe even over protective but they over stepped to me. No one gave Chessy the chance to really make up her mind until her heart to heart with Joss and Kylie at the end.

The Story

First I'm glad Chessy finally grew a backbone and told Tate she was unhappy and I'm sad he never figured it out for himself. By all accounts Chessy was not a great lair so he really had to not be paying attention. And speaking of not paying attention who would have imagined the outcome of his one moment of inattention at The House.

Random Thoughts

*I would really like to know how James (I think his name is James) managed to get over on Damon but I guess that will be an unsolved mystery.

*I was very happy with the Epilogue.

*It was good to still see some of the relationship dynamics between Joss/Dash and Kylie/Jensen even though they were secondary in this book.

Overall I enjoyed the book. 3.5 Stars