Wild Ones - Kristine Wyllys

The Characters

Bri Martin:A crazy girl with a troubled past. She aptly describes herself in the book as:"...a crazy girl with baggage and demons and a thirst for things both dangerous and unhealthy,... Most heroines I identify with on a scale of would I be friends with them or not and while I can say 100% that Bri and I couldn't not be friends, we are just too different, I still like her. I respect her. She is strong and though she doesn't have life all figured out you just know that she is one of the ones that will be okay.

Luke Turner:We don't really get to know Luke. Lets face it, this is Bri's story and Luke is just an accessory. But I would like to know what makes him tick. What dark things does he have in his past that make he and Bri so perfect for each other.

Jax the BFF: I think he has a hero complex where Bri is concerned and that is not necessarily a good thing for him, her or their relationship. Perhaps that is the determination he came to and what lead him to make the decisions he did.

The Story

I've said it before, it is crazy! Yet so engrossing. I found myself making time to find out what happens next. It's a small slice of Bri's life that kept me wanting to read the next page.


I read a few reviews that sop of the author's prose and how wonderfully different her "voice" is and they were not wrong. The order in which she puts words on paper is almost magical. I found it engrossing. I found quite a few passages that deserved being quoted. "Maybe it wasn't sweet. Maybe it wouldn't necessarily save me or him, but there was grace in it, and it was amazing." was one of my favorites.

Overall I give this unconventional love story 4 Stars