Destiny (Serendipity) - Carly Phillips
I won the ARC form Ms Philips herself! *happy dances*

I just LOVE the characters in these books! Even Nash, who I wanted to hate because of his attitude in Serendipity. After getting to a place where we understand him better (after wanting to smack him a few times) I have to admit he is a stand up guy. Kelly is a very strong woman who is dealing with some tough situations in life and I'm glad she was able to find a family to support her. Tess is by far still my favorite character in this series. That sassy, little smart mouth turns my heart over or makes me burst out in laughter (sometimes both) every time we see her. Great story about a great family!

My only complaint is that I have to wait until May 2012 for Karma! I'm really excited to get to know Dare.