Just the Sexiest Man Alive - Julie James, Karen  White
Taylor Donovan
Jason Andrews

I love love loved Taylor Donovan. She was an awesome character, a woman who knows what she wants from life and is not afraid to go after it, most of the time. I'm not going to lie, I am not at all a fan of Jason Andrews. I will admit I did come to love the way he treated Taylor but he as a person didn't seem to change at all and I think he was a horrible person. And that horrible Scott, UGH! Ms James can surely write a character I don't like. She can write good ones too because Jason's BFF Jeremy is such a good guy. His one flaw is the cancer sticks without those he'd be totally beta hero drool worthy. I did enjoy the overall story and am glad I stuck it out though the end (yes I disliked Jason so much I considered quitting the book). 3 Stars