Getting Real: Surviving SarahThe Great ChaseThe Last Virgin - Vicki Lewis Thompson, Julie Leto, Jennifer LaBrecque
Ok I picked up this book because it had a story by Vicki Lewis Thompson and I love her work, however I just discovered this has a lot to do with reality TV which I abhor! I'm hoping the stories will be good enough to get me past that though.

Surviving Sarah - Vicki Lewis Thompson - 4 Stars - I can always count on a VLT book to be entertaining and leave me with a goofy smile.

The Great Chase - Julie Elizabeth Leto - 2 Stars - While I really liked Sam and Charlie I found the overall story to be long and drawn out way more that it needed to be.

The Last Virgin - Jennifer LaBrecque - 2 Stars - I will admit I probably didn't give this the kind of chance it deserved but I just can not get into it. I didn't bond with the characters the love scenes were clichè and the premise of the reality show bugged me. I probably read about 12 pages and gave up.