Winter Wishes - Moira Rogers, Vivi Andrews, Vivian Arend
[b:Tangled Tinsel|9765860|Tangled Tinsel|Vivian Arend||14655388] - [a:Vivian Arend|2932249|Vivian Arend|] - 4 Stars - I don't think Vivian Arend can write a book that does not interest me. Tangled Tinsel has everything, witty characters, great environments, a little mystery and hot lovin'.

[b:No Angel|9796239|No Angel|Vivi Andrews||14655408] - [a:Vivi Andrews|2860154|Vivi Andrews|] - Unrated - This story failed to captivate me. The characters seemed interesting enough however after 5 chapters I felt no need to continue. I've never read anything by Ms Andrews before but I won't count her out if I come across her in the future.

[b:Freeze Line|8645476|Freeze Line|Moira Rogers||13516571] - [a:Moira Rogers|1441593|Moira Rogers|] - 3 1/2 Stars - A pretty good read. Shane's self discovery was interesting. Finding Nadia was really good for him.