The Magical Christmas Cat - Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh, Linda Winstead Jones
Christmas Heat - [a:Lora Leigh|2614|Lora Leigh|] - 3.5 Stars - I liked Noble and Haley. It was nice to see Noble's introduction to Christmas

Christmas Bree - [a:Erin McCarthy|7941|Erin McCarthy|] - 3.5 Stars - A fun quick read. I really enjoyed the Murphy Sisters and hope I get to read more about them soon.

Stroke of Enticement - [a:Nalini Singh|71688|Nalini Singh|] - 3.5 Stars - My first read for Ms Singh and I really did enjoy it. If she can write characters this sweet in less than 90 pages I'm sure to love her full length novels.

Sweet Dreams - [a:Linda Winstead Jones|139575|Linda Winstead Jones|] - 3.25 Stars - Linda's brand of "woowoo" gets me every time