Dark Storm - Christine Feehan
Hero: Danutdaxton "Dax" / The Old One
Heroine: Riley Parker
Supporting Cast: Annabel Parker, Jubal Sanders, Gary Jansen
Carpathian Cameos: Riordian De la Cruz, Jasmine Sangria
Villian: Mitro Daratrazanoff

Every time I read a new Carpathian book I feel Ms Feehan is throwing us a little something new, and I like it! Dax and the Old One are a different kind of blend but they make the same kind of great Carpathian Hero. I liked Riley and thought her powers were more interesting than some of our previous female leads. I wonder if they will get stronger after she converts? I was thrilled to see Jubal and Gary. They are some of my favorite non Carpathians. I hope we hear more from them in the future.