MacRieve (Immortals After Dark, #13) - Kresley Cole
Uilleam MacRieve Lykae
Chloe Todd Succubus

Let me just say all you chickie's lusting over Christian Grey can have him. I'll take this heavily brogued , dirty talking, spanking giving Lykae any day of the week! Don't get me wrong, Will and be an Asshole with a capital A, but when he gets his mind together and gets into sexy beast mode he really steams up the pages.

As for Ms Baby T-Rex, she has all of my support. She's not afraid to call MacRieve on his bull and that is exactly what he needs. She is fierce! I think she deals darn well with all the stuff that comes down on her during this book. Those in their way should be afraid.

Overall I give this book 4.5 Stars for and excellent story line, make the reader sweat love scenes, great characters and just being a pleasure to read.

Oh and the epilogue has us set up for a heck of a book to come. This series is so addictive!