Eternal Kiss  - Laura Wright, Tavia Gilbert
It's been so long since I read book 1 Eternal Hunger that I had a hard time keeping up at first. The problem with audiobooks is I don't have that handy vocabulary guide to help me out. Once I caught on to the lingo though this book was non stop twist, turns, action and hot steamyness! (The song Meeting in the Ladies Room has forever changed for me) It's a wonder smoke alarms and sprinklers were not going off when Nicholas and Kate are together. I loved both characters and how they came together and cared for each other and Lad. I imagine him as such a little cutie. I was kind of sad to see that he was not Nicholas' son. I thought they much such a wonderful little family. But who knows what the future will hold for the three of them. The twist at the end of the story was kinda perfect and I can not what to see what come of that.... and Lucian.