Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha
Noelle, Jasper

After the world ends Eden is a perfect paradise. Well perfect if you don't mind being repressed. Repressed mentally, emotionally and physically. There is no freedom of thought, no affection, no drinking, only the struggle to be perfect. For those who can not or will not live under those rules there are the sectors. And in Sector 4 Dallas O'Kane rules. Dallas O'Kane: Whiskey entrepreneur and leader of the O'Kane gang and basically Sector 4. He's a complicated man and even his woman doesn't understand him, but then again she's not really his woman, I'll let you read and figure that out. Noelle and Jasper are our powerhouse couple in this story. Noelle has been exiled from Eden and is trying to find her place in life in Sector 4. Jasper, Dallas' right hand man, has to come to grips with his feelings for the seemingly delicate new comer, Noelle. They have their ups and downs as couples do and their journey is definitely not a boring one. The other members of the gang round out a colorful cast that I'm just dying to know more about. Particularly Ace and Rachel and the mysterious Bren and Six. This was an excellent start to a new series that I'm sure will knock our socks off..... or maybe melt them.