Be Mine:  SizzleToo Fast to FallAlone With You - Jennifer Crusie
Sizzle - [a:Jennifer Crusie|19005|Jennifer Crusie|] - 4 Stars - Emily Tate, Richard Parker - I loved this fast paced romance. Ms Crusie has yet to write something I didn't love and I really doubt she could. I was not thrilled by the overuse of the word "sizzle" but can not deny that the chemistry between Richard and Emily was sizzling hot! (ba-dum-bum) OH! And I almost forgot to mention my love for best friend Jane! I want to be Jane, she is awesome!

Too Fast to Fall - [a:Victoria Dahl|124727|Victoria Dahl|] - 3.5 Stars - Jenny Stone, Nate Hendricks - Jenny and Nate sure had some super hot chemistry, but something about their relationship development lacked for me. However it was super good to see more of Jenny's personality and background.

Alone With You - [a:Shannon Stacey|149808|Shannon Stacey|] - 4 Stars - Darcy Vaughn, Jake Holland - REALLY enjoyed this whirlwind romance. I was dragged into this story and did not want to come up for air. I'll be reading a lot more from Ms Stacey in the future.