Fifty Shades of Grey  - E.L. James
Hmmmm..... I'm not sure if I can adequately express my thoughts about this book in a clear and concise way but here is a try.

The first half of this book was borderline AWFUL. Ana's dreadful over thinking and excessive repetitiveness had me ready to put the book down, run away and never look back. Christian did not help at all with his blah control freak personality. It took me a week to sludge through it and it was a personal battle and triumph to make it through.

However things did take a turn and thank goodness for Mac laptops cause without the introduction of email into C and A's relationship I'd have never made it to the end. Even now as I think back to their emails I get a little smile on my face. Christian proves to be flirty and fun and Ana can just talk (well type) with out all the stuttering, stumbling, heart racing and whatever else ALWAYS happens when talking to Christian.

I won't rehash all the Twilight comparisons I saw (I've killed those in text messages to my sister). I will agree that the writing style was very juvenile and certainly this story could have benefited from and editor (really the repetitiveness was dreary). I am thankful I was reading this on my Kindle as I had to look up quite a few words, this author likes her vocabulary. This also ended with a cliff hanger so I suppose I'll be reading part 2 however it won't be soon. I need to come down off all the angst.

For those who are leery I'd recommend skimming until you see emails then sit back and enjoy. 3 Stars

This still came off as rambling so I'll likely revise when I can put my words in a semblance of order.