Third Grave Dead Ahead  - Darynda Jones
Judging by the fact that I was still up reading this at 2:40 am I'd say it's pretty darn good. Charley is still just amazing! Toward the end I thought I was going to have to break up with the series because I got so upset however Ms Jones pulled me through and has me chomping at the bit for the fourth book. I will say with this being the first book in the series I've read and not listened to I really missed the narrator. She does a much better job of bringing the characters to life than the voices in my head. I really want to hear her take on Donovan's voice and I can't wait to learn more about his character in general. This biker gang brings some interesting possibilities. Oh and Reyes, we can never forget Reyes. *dreamy sigh*

This is a bunch of rambling I know but when a book is good to me I can't keep my thoughts about it in order. 4.5 Stars