Marked - Lauren Dane, Vivian Arend, Kit Rocha
Beyond Temptation - [a:Kit Rocha|6470635|Kit Rocha|] - 4 Stars - Emmaline "Emma" Cibulski, Noah Lennox - I like Noah and Emma. I am very curious to see how this thing with Flemming will play out.

All That Remains - [a:Lauren Dane|226816|Lauren Dane|] - 3 Stars - Summer, Charlie, Hatch - Let me tell you if I had this book in paperback the pages would be wilted from steam. It's a wonder my Kindle is not damaged from it. Summer and Hatch gave me a slight case of whiplash with how fast they went from sexy times to arguing but I suppose that is an example of the passionate personalities that Charlie loves.

Rocky Ride - [a:Vivian Arend|2932249|Vivian Arend|] - 4 Stars - Anna Coleman, Mitch Thompson - I love Mitch Thompson. He's very sweet and a dirty talker. (woooowee!) It's a good thing Anna is dedicated to him cause I'm sure there are a line of ladies ready to snatch him up. (myself included) Anna is great. Strong, determined and not ready to put up with any crap. She and Mitch made an awesome pair and they burn up the pages from the start.