Daylighters (Morganville Vampires, # 15) - Rachel Caine

Morganville Vampires book 15 by Rachel Caine


Page 1: Back to Morganville I go.


Page 8: What is with the omnipotent narrator POV? Changes in POV make me nervous now.


Page 16: I know we’ve seen this Rhys Fallon guy before, but I can’t remember where (what book).


Page 76: Miranda just said she kept the Daylighters out of the house but then describe a conversation they had while they were in the house?????


Page 77: Then Claire confirms the Daylighters came in to search the house, WTF?


Page 89: I wan to drive Shane’s car. Sounds Awesome!


Page 140-ish: What did Amalie mean when she said Fallon was “one of hers:? *it wasn’t what I thought


Page 140: If Amalie were to kill Claire I would have to challenge Rachel Caine to a duel! (Water guns but a duel none the less.)


Page 146: Damnit!! Claine was not suppose to survive yet another vampire bite to have Shane kill her! 


Page 162: I knew he was a former vamp!!!


Page 167: Waste chute?!?! Good on ya Claire, cause I couldn’t.


Page 174: I’ve never understood the mad hatter reference either. Glad to have it explained.


Page 213: This is super nutz! A compound that causes pain when a vamp is around?!?! A cure for vamperisom?! TF!


Page 310 or somewhere there about, I got lazy with my note taking: Wow, Bob is still alive? How long do spiders live?


Page 318: A spider, cute? Claire is obviously suffering from  a  mental condition.


I still can’t believe this is the last trip to Morganville. I’ve really grown to love these characters. I thank Rachel Caine for giving them the ending they deserve. Is everything perfect? No, but they are definitely facing a brighter future.