Midnight Lies: The Wildefire Series - Ella Grace

Read With Me: Midnight Lies


Wildfire Series Book 2 by Ella Grace


Samantha Wild, Quinn Braddock


1%: I’m excited for the follow up to Midnight Secrets. The Wilde sisters are an interesting lot. Ms Grace kept me guessing up until the end last time, I hope she does it again.


5%: Okay this takes place at the same time as book 1. I was confused for a minute because Sam hadn’t realized things that I knew happened in book 1.


6%: Damn, talk about your day going downhill quickly. First your ex-wife wakes you up and demands to see you then you are arrested for her murder, and all before breakfast.


8%: This book is making me sad today and I’m not feeling it! All this doubt that Sam has and the heartbreak that Quinn showed when he realized she doubted him. UGH! Too many feels!


14%: Quinn and Dalton, George Carlin would have a field day with those names. Also, that thought was very random


15%: He goes down and up 25 flights of stairs before and after a run?!? MIND BLOWN!


16%: Effing politicians! (In this case we are talking about the DA) They’ll do anything to make themselves look good. *angry face*


20%: I know Quinn is in a bad place right now but it’s breaking my heart watching him be a jerk. I just want to yell NOOOOO!


25%: Yessss! Quinn is in Midnight, let the fireworks begin!


30%: I’m going to put it out there. I think Cruz is the killer!


32%: This Bri and Ian talk is a little excessive, let concentrate on Sam and Quinn please.


34%: I will gladly take Brody if she has no use for him. *wink wink*


34%: I have the urge to add a .gif here of Benita Jenkins from In Living Color that says “But I’m not one to gossip so you ain’t heard this from me.” I shall refrain.


38%: Enough with Bri’s shenanigans! Back to Sam and Quinn please. Quinn bought Sam a house! This is an important development that needs to be explored.


45%: She should probably make sure those flowers are not bugged. (I don’t trust this Blaine guy at all!)


Somewhere between 50 a 60%: Total speculation but I really think Blane is Cruz and he killed Charlene.


64%: Oh, fuck! He’s going to kill Lindsay too. Poor Lindsay, she just has it rough all around.


70%: I knew it! I knew it! I KNEW IT! He killed her. But now I’m wondering if it even has anything to do with Cruz. Maybe it’s someone out to get Quinn. Like Attorney Bob or something.


75%: Bleach!!! My goodness! That’s disgusting.


85%: Is it his brother!?!? I really want to know!!!!


100%: MAN That was good! I mean good! Quinn has some issues. I understand, we all have something but man I wanted to slap him a few times. He’s lucky to have Samantha and I hope he over his emotional lock downs that require him to push her away. But I digress. His parents were some kind of work! I’m still not over the way things have shaken out at the end. I’m just flabbergasted. I keep wanting to reason it out but you can’t, there is just too much crazy. I think a bit too much focus was on Bri’s up coming story but I’m still very excited to read it.