*I can't link to the book but here is the review anyway.*

I Picked Up This Book Because: I’m a fan of the band.

The Story:

A very “meh” book for me. It would probably have been better read off the page instead of an audiobook as I just didn’t like the narration. Content wise this book was interesting. We learn of course about T-Boz’s early years and how the band came together. We heard a lot about their struggles with their management and label. We also learn about disputes within the band and how they grew apart at times. On thing that struck me as wrong during the book is there is a lot, and I mean a LOT, of talk about things between T-Boz and Lisa “Left Eye” and it was off putting for me partly because Lisa isn’t here to talk about her side of the story but also there was very little conversation about Chilli. When she is mentioned it’s almost as an afterthought. I guess T-Boz didn’t want to put works into Chilli’s mouth but it felt very lopsided. The writing felt very amateur. There was a lot of I, I, I and me me me and I know it’s a memoir but I read a lot of memoirs and I do not often feel like this. I mean it’s your book about you, everything doesn’t have to start with I did this, I did that, I’m this way. I did really like how open she was about her illness. I have an autoimmune disease myself and I appreciate some of the frustrations she expressed her illness cause and a lot of the motivation she expressed with not letting it hold her back .

So yeah, this was very up and down for me.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


2¾ Stars