The Good Luck Charm - Helena Hunting


I Picked Up This Book Because: Random pick from the library.

The Characters:

Carmen, Emory, Ethan’s parents

The Story:

The writing is fine. Concise and consistent, Ms Hunting is a good story teller however the story was underwhelming for me. I never reached that level of “don’t want to put the book down”. It was more like “I just want to be done”. The characters were good. I am curious to see if Carmen and Dr Lovely have a book in the future because I think there’s some chemistry there. (view spoiler) I think I just didn’t feel any kind of drama or urgency in the story. I know their lives were going to be impacted by potential trades but even the end of that felt anti climatic.

Overall it’s a decent book about second chance love.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


3 Stars