Dark Illusion ('Dark' Carpathian Book 33) - Christine Feehan
Dark (Carpathians), Book 29

I Picked Up This Book Because: Continue the series

The Characters:

Julija Brennan:
Isai Florea:
Barnabas, Anatolli (Julija’s father), Belle, Blue, Comet, Phaedra

The Story:

I used to adore Christine Feehan’s writing, the last few years however, I've found it repetitive and unnecessarily long. This book is no exception. While she creates beautiful, vivid images with her words I could do with a few less of them. The story, when you trim off the excess, was really good. Julija was trying to find a destroy a book created by Xavier and last seen with Isai’s brother. I will admit Isai’s behavior at the beginning of the book had me ready to quit but I’m glad I held on. I like him and Julija together.

The Random Thoughts:

I listened to this on CD and greatly missed the ability to speed up the dialogue like I can on digital audiobooks.

The Score Card:


3.25 Stars