Greatest Love Story Ever Told, The - Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman

I Picked Up This Book Because: Great reviews

Boy was I bamboozled on this one. Megan and Nick obviously love each other and they make each other laugh but the chuckles did not really pass along to me. This didn’t feel like a book, it was more like a 6+ hour podcast. They had some topics they rambled about them, much of it did not connect or was super repetitive. We get it you like doing puzzles while listening to audiobooks. This is the first time in history I can recall being disappointed that there was a bonus chapter, I was ready for it to be done.

I did quite enjoy Megan’s musings on body image and even though she is in an industry that glorifies the physical her message that you should love you quirks, dimples and bumps and dress in a way that is comfortable and interesting to you made me want to applaud.

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2.25 Stars