Forever Yours in Christmas Falls (Return to Christmas Falls Book 5) - Susan Hatler
Return to Christmas Falls, Book 5

I Picked Up This Book Because: Wanted a quick read

The Characters:

Morgan Reed:
Dallas Parker:
Ruby, Conner, Mr & Mrs Reed, Ms Anna Cate

The Story:

The set up was ideal to me. Morgan is moving home to Christmas Falls to open a salon. Through an accident her salon space is rented to both her and her childhood crush Dallas Parker. This is right up my alley however the things I didn’t count on were the spectre of Morgan’s sister Grace and Morgan’s unending need to please her mother no matter how miserable it makes her. Seriously I could have kicked Morgan. It took her way too long to realize she needs to live her life for herself and shame on her mother for making her think any different. I know my thoughts are harsh as I couldn’t tell anyone how to act after losing a child or sister but I found it so annoying.

Overall it wasn’t a terrible story, just a frustrating one.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


3 Stars