Snowbound with the Single Dad  - Cara Colter

I Picked Up This Book Because: I liked the cover.

The Characters:

Noelle “Ellie” McGregor:
Aiden Phillips:
Rufus McGregor, Bertanana “Nana” Sutton, Tess Phillips

The Story:

The concept of this story was great however the writing seemed immature. An I mean immature in the sense that it needed a good editing and revision. Like maybe it was the authors first book. (I’ve never seen so many exclamation points in a book.)

So with that out of the way I loved the characters. Grandpa Rufus was my favorite. How he managed to put all this together was beautiful and we never find out if he knew Noelle and Aiden would get on or not but I’m glad it unraveled the way it did. There was a ton of delicious sexual tension between Aiden and Ellie. There was also a substantial amount of overthinking which doesn’t thrill me but I see why it was included. Tess was a little ray of light throughout the book and it’s so good to see adults set aside their differences and put the child first. I hope this family has many more lovely Christmas celebrations together.

The Random Thoughts:

Favorite Quote: ”’Well,’ Grandpa said, too loudly. ‘There’s a face that would make a train take a dirt road.’”

The Score Card:


3 Stars