Sexsomnia - Sleepless in Manhattan - Anya Omah

I Picked Up This Book Because: The blurb, I guess. Can’t actually remember why I requested it.

The Characters:

Abigail Davis:
Jayden King:
Jessica King, Alice Davis best sisters in the world (excluding my own)

The Story:

This book frustrated me so much… no, I take it back Jayen King frustrated me. He at times seemed like a spoiled brat who just lashed out when things didn’t go his way. However, I suppose he was as he states often that he is used to getting his way. I do wonder if he was raised that way though. His family information, outside of his sisters, is lacking.

Abby was a good character. I’m still wondering if her disorder is real but I’m not going to google it. She was quite brave and strong. I her background was also lacking but I suppose the author didn’t think it impacted the story much.

Overall this story was just interesting enough to keep my holding on. I love a love story and I could feel the chemistry between Jayden and Abby. Their sisters, Jess and Alice, made me smile. Jess was definitely needed to keep Jayden in line and Alice’s unwavering support of Abby touched my heart.

The Random Thoughts:

It’s hard to read an erotic book where the main character has the same name as you 14 year old nephew. I had to mentally change his name to Jason or just he for most of the book.

The Score Card:


2.5 Stars